Change Alert: Search and Recommendation APIs

To ensure uniformity across our APIs, and to enable a seamless development process, we've changed the filter format for the Search and Recommendation APIs to make the constraint definition the same across the 'discover' and 'lineartv’ API’s.

BEFORE: 'filters' -> 'constraints' value was an array of constraints

NOW:  'filters' -> 'constraint' is an object

This object can be a single filter, or have an 'intersection_of' or 'union_of' key, each of which takes an array of single filters as value.

Now Available: Fan TV Conversation Services APIs

As voice control becomes more common, consumers are beginning to expect it, but unfortunately not all solutions are created equal. With Fan TV Conversation Services, your users don’t have to speak in commands like a robot, or struggle to remember an exact title or role – they can speak naturally, like they would to another person - to find entertainment content.